Develop Schedule Process in PMP Exam

On our website, we continue to include PMP project management times that you may encounter in the PMP exam. The issue we will focus on today is the process of creating a project schedule, which is an important period of time before the PMP certification exam announcement.

Estimate Activity Durations Process: PMP Exam Guide

estimate activity resources
According to the PMP process map, after defining what the project activities are, immediately after sequencing the activities and estimating the activity resources, the process of estimating the activity duration comes next. Estimate activity duration process is simply about estimating activity durations by using estimation tools and techniques, taking the factors such as people doing the job, when the resources will be available, what are the characteristics of the resources, the size of the work to be done. In the PMP exam, you may come across questions asking when to conduct estimate activity durations process, which inputs and tools and techniques are used while conducting this process.

Risk Management Knowledge Area


Management of project risks

A project manager with pmp certificate must first know what the risk is, know what risks he or she will face in the processes he or she manages, and know how to turn the negative risks involved in these risks into opportunities for the project.

From the point of view of the pmp exam, the knowledge area of risk management is a knowledge area that has a very deep and rich content, has different processes and uses various tools and techniques.

Estimate Activity Resources Process

Estimate activity resources process is a project management process that is very important for the PMP certification exam. During the project, we need a number of resources to be able to implement the work that we define as part of the project and plan the processes necessary to perform this work. In the process of estimating project resources, we will then make an estimate of resource requirements that will play a role in estimating activity Times, developing a timeline, and determining costs and risks.

Define Activities Process: PMP Study

If you are a project manager, you should know the activities that need to be done when managing the project. Because activities are basically what comes to life in our brain when they are called projects. Therefore, we must have a list of these activities and know their characteristics very well. From the point of view of the PMP Certificate exam, it is necessary to know very well, especially the outputs of the process of defining activities, the precursor processes, and other processes that follow the process of defining activities.

Project Communications Management: PMP Study (PMBOK 6)

All PMP certified project managers should wonder this very important question. What is project communications management? Most PMP certified project managers are good communicators but are they communicating effectively? For example a soccer coach assigns players each different roles and responsibilities and it's crucial that they work together to achieve their goal of winning. Project managers use communication management processes all the way from the planning of a project to the project closure. Proper communication allows managers to develop and execute communications for both role-specific as well as overall information. Effective communication also leads to greater team efficiency. Therefore communications management is an important knowledge area for the pmp exam as well.

Plan Schedule Management Process

All project managers, whether PMP certified or not, know that Schedule Management is an indispensable concept for keeping the project under control and managing it. As we can easily understand from its name, the plan schedule management process is the process where a PMP certified project manager creates a schedule management plan. 

Create Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Process

As a very important aspect of the PMP exam, create work breakdown structure (wbs) process falls under planning processing group and project scope management knowledge area. In projects lifecycle it is done after collecting requirements and defining the project scope. In other terms, before creating work breakdown structure (wbs) you have to know precisely what work is involved in the scope of the project. The create work breakdown structure (wbs) process is the process which we use to decompose the project work or deliverables until it reaches to the most manageable components of work.

Define Scope Process

In collect requirements process which was conducted before defining the scope, we collected the requirements in order to shape the scope of the project and products of the project. Now, as a project manager, we need to write down all the work into the project scope. Define scope process is very important for PMP too as it includes the work to do in the project.

Collect requirements Process

Just like every person has a variety of requirements about their life, job, education, etc. projects have their own requirements as well. These requirements should be collected and managed closely in the responsibility of the project manager and it is also a very important aspect of understanding the essence of the PMP Certificate Exam.