About Us

First of all, we are not only one person. As a team responsible for carrying out project-based activities in accordance with the project management (PMI) methodology in a public institution, we decided to transfer our experience to a blog.

There are also very experienced ones among us as well as those who are still gaining experience. There are projects from different fields that each of us has taken part in and carried out. We can say that this type of approach shapes our perspective. However, be sure that information that is not accepted in the PMI world will not be included on this site. Each article published on this site, will definitely be published after being taken into assessment of at least two experts. Take our promise!

We have diverse views about the nature of the projects. However, while establishing this site, our primary goal was to enter into the controversial areas of project management, to guide young or old project managers who are familiar with the PMI methodology, who want to have PMP certification and who want to carry out their projects with a PMP perspective. As site editors, we all have crossed this path before, encountered a bunch of difficulties, tried to comprehend certain things and we have a very fresh roadmap ahead of us. We have the opportunity to introduce the PMI methodology to people, to make projects run more effectively from a PMP's perspective!

Therefore, we will not only share our own information and thoughts with you on this site. We will share with you all the paid and free sources, sample questions, draft documents that we think are useful in your path to be a certified PMP. We hope to be a good guide for you on this path.