Knowledge Areas In PMP

What are the knowledge areas in PMP? While getting prepared for PMP Exam, we may come across this concept a lot. Information given under the headline of knowledge areas has vital importance and considered as a basis for project management knowledge.
A knowledge area may be defined as a categorization of processes created by taking common characteristics and requirements of knowledge into the consideration. In other terms, we may call knowledge areas as representing talents of a project manager need to develop in order to be successful in his/her projects. While a knowledge area focuses upon one aspect of processess, it may also involve common processes belonging to 5 process groups. The difference between a knowledge area with a process group is simply their basis of categorization. If we assume process groups are asking "when" to processes, knowledge areas ask the question "what kind of?".

The 10 knowledge areas in PMBOK are;

1- Jms 08.05.2021
Knowledge areas are a good categorization of processes together with the process groups. However, I expect a more specific integration part next time. Integration is the main duty of the project manager and it should consist of more related processes and must be situated in a above hierarchic level over other knowledge areas.