Initiating Process Group in PMP Exam

According to PMBOK, the first of the five essential project groups is the initiation process group. The initiation stage is the stage where the project is defined and the necessary authorizations about the project are made. Along with other process groups and knowledge areas, initiating and planning constitute the core of the PMP exam.
By using the project charter, which is a signed document that contains a summary of the goals of the project, objectives of the projects, requirements, and high-level milestones, the project formally get started in initiating process group. The main goal of initiating process group is basically aligning the objectives of the project with the expectations of stakeholders of the project and the strategies of the organization as well as business needs.

There are two processes categorized under initiating process group which are:
1- PMprojets 30.05.2021
Initiating phase is happening very early in projects. Ok, we already knew this. However, in my opinion, it overlaps with the preparation phases of the project that happens previously in the project's actual life. For example project charter is developed in the initiation phase, however many necessary information in the charter are collected in the pre-start of the project. This is confusing.