Planning Process Group in PMBOK

Success is not achieved by only taking action. Similary you can not reach success by controls and inspections only. Success is planned. Every successful outcome owes this to a feasible plan.

Every project needs guidance.  In project management, this guidance is provided by a very valuable document named project management plan. Every knowledge area has a plan for itself and they are part of the project management plan. This process group consists of endeavors to create this plan which will be used throughout the project. The planning process group is where we begin to get into more detail after completing the initiating process group

In this process group, a process is understood and how to do the project work is specifically determined. In this process group, we create formulas to make project goals real and tasks completed. Additionally, the best methods among alternatives to achieve project goals are determined. In planning processes the majority of the work is performed by the project manager and the project manager controls the project by defining its features. 

The processes involved in this process group is as followed:


1- Jake 01.06.2021

I think there are too many planning processes and they all seem similar. Learning about the essence of planning processes will be enough for almost all project management exams. Generally they define how to conduct execution and controlling processes of a certain knowledge area. Remembering specific components of a few subsidiary plans will be enough for the exam. Btw thanks for the elaboration of the topic.