Define Activities Process: PMP Study

If you are a project manager, you should know the activities that need to be done when managing the project. Because activities are basically what comes to life in our brain when they are called projects. Therefore, we must have a list of these activities and know their characteristics very well. From the point of view of the PMP Certificate exam, it is necessary to know very well, especially the outputs of the process of defining activities, the precursor processes, and other processes that follow the process of defining activities.

The key benefit of this process is to break down work packages into activities that provide a basis for estimating schedule and resources. In the process of defining activities, the process of decomposing the work packages that were previously created for the first time in the process of creating the work breakdown structure, into the activities that will actually be performed in the project is carried out.

It is necessary to make sure that the activity found during the decomposition process is easy to understand, that it can be the basis for forecasts that will be performed under timeline management, and that the activities are controllable.

Define activities is a planning process that is also categorized in Schedule Management Knowledge Area.

Outputs Created in Define Activities Process

  • Activity list
  • Activity attributes
  • Milestone list
  • Change requests

Outputs Updated in Define Activities 

  • Schedule baseline
  • Cost baseline

Inputs of the Define Activities Process

Tools & Techniques used while defining activities

  • Decomposition
  • Rolling wave planning
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment