Identifying Stakeholders of a Project

A stakeholder is essentially anybody who has an interest in the project that you're working on. It is because they'll be affected by it in some way. In other terms, some more than others. All our stakeholders are potential sources of requirements which is essential for stakeholder analysis. Also, a stakeholder is anybody who might influence the project in some way for good or for bad.

Some may have a very positive attitude and have important contributions to the project while others might be a little more negative. Stakeholders of a project should be identified as early as it can be after the project started. Because it is essential to take stakeholders into consideration for almost every decision taken in project planning. After the first identification endeavor, this process continues throughout the project's life.

In order to be able to identify stakeholders correctly, there are plenty of sources to check for. In other terms your options are limitless. However, there are also some actions recommended. One of these actions is taking a look at contracts. It is because contracts are great sources of information about people who may be affected by the project. At least, key stakeholders take place in contracts. Secondly, you may evaluate historical data and similar projects which were carried out before. There is a good chance of catching a few common stakeholders from historical projects. Additionally, consulting an expert may be very useful especially in projects which necessitate expert-level knowledge about the main subject.

Outputs Created in the process of Identifying Stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Register
  • Change Request

Outputs Updated in Identify Stakeholders Process

  • Requirements management plan
  • Communications management plan
  • Risk management plan
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Assumption log
  • Issue log
  • Risk register

Inputs of Identify Stakeholders Process

  • Project charter
  • Business case
  • Benefits management plan
  • Communications management plan
  • Stakeholder engagement plan
  • Change log
  • Issue log
  • Requirements documentation
  • Agreements
  • Enterprise environmental factors
  • Organizational process assets

Tools and Techniques for Identifying Stakeholders

  • Brainstorming
  • Questionnaires and surveys
  • Document analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Stakeholder mapping/representation
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment