Plan Schedule Management Process

All project managers, whether PMP certified or not, know that Schedule Management is an indispensable concept for keeping the project under control and managing it. As we can easily understand from its name, the plan schedule management process is the process where a PMP certified project manager creates a schedule management plan. 

This subsidiary plan is quite similar to the scope management plan and it is the methodological document that allows the project manager to identify the process or methodology to create the schedule. The schedule management plan will not identify the schedule but rather outline the relevant guidelines on how the schedule should be developed and ultimately managed. Planning the schedule is also vital for controlling the project in terms of schedule variances which may happen during the lifecycle of a project.This process falls into the planning process group and schedule management knowledge area.

In order to proceed with the development of the schedule management plan the following inputs are needed.
  • Project management plan: Because the project is still in the planning process group, the project management plan is not fully developed as you may remember from the integration knowledge area. The project management plan is progressively elaborated in the planning process group.
  • Project charter: All of the information in the project charter will be needed in the process of creating the schedule management plan.
  • Development Approach
  • Organizational Process Assets
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
Tools & Techniques of Plan Schedule Management Process
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment
The only output of this process is Schedule Management Plan

Schedule Management Plan

We break down the schedule management plan into the following components:
  • Project schedule model development: This identifies any existing organizational scheduling methodologies as well as scheduling tools that will be used to develop a project schedule.
  • Level of accuracy: This identifies how accurate the final schedule will be. It's essential to determine the desired level of accuracy for the schedule.
  • Units of measure: How will the length of activities we measure in minutes hours days weeks or months? This identifies the desired unit of measure that will be used in organizational procedures.
  • Project schedule model maintenance: this identifies how the schedule is revised and updated. Once the project moves into execution control thresholds think of this is where we start to panic this section identifies a threshold that indicates when corrective action needs to be taken.