Project Communications Management: PMP Study (PMBOK 6)

All PMP certified project managers should wonder this very important question. What is project communications management? Most PMP certified project managers are good communicators but are they communicating effectively? For example a soccer coach assigns players each different roles and responsibilities and it's crucial that they work together to achieve their goal of winning. Project managers use communication management processes all the way from the planning of a project to the project closure. Proper communication allows managers to develop and execute communications for both role-specific as well as overall information. Effective communication also leads to greater team efficiency. Therefore communications management is an important knowledge area for the pmp exam as well.

What are other advantages of effective communication? Effective communication delivers projects on time and within budget more often than those who don't communicate well.  Half of the projects that failed are somehow related to ineffective communication. In order to provide consistent efficient communication project managers should create a good project communications management plan along with the project team. A project communications plan is a guide for the project's communications efforts.

A project manager should firstly define the members of the company that will be getting the information secondly should determine the communication requirements and thirdly should build a communication schedule. 

While managing the communication, A PMP certified project manager should take the diversity within the project team into consideration. Diversity within the project team can be cultural, geographic, organizational, functional, age-related, etc. Therefore, it can be the biggest challenge for project managers especially if they haven't worked with them before. Project communications management if implemented correctly can lead to a dynamic and effective team that's actively participating contributing in any project.

Three Processes in Communication Management Knowledge Area

  • Plan Communications Management
  • Manage Communications
  • Monitor Communications