How to Write a Project Charter According to the PMBOK

What is a Project Charter ? Project Charter Definition

A project charter is a very important document that is created once in the initiation phase of the project to give a start to the project officially.

What is the Purpose of Project Charter ?

Just like a birth document is a must when we were born, when a project took life a project charter is also indispensable. A project charter is a document that officially starts a project, gives the project manager authority to use resources of the organization, and identifies what a project is supposed to do. Within a large organization, the project charter can be your blueprint for success as it provides a shared understanding of the organization about the project.

Why is the Project Charter Important?

Thanks to the project charter, a project manager grants the official support of the organization. It helps the embracing of the project by colleagues of the organization. The project charter is the document to give authority to the project manager officially. Therefore it is very important for a project manager.

What Does a Project Charter Include?

A project charter may include so much information about your project. While for smaller projects you may only need to list the scope or goals of your project in a project charter, for larger projects you need not only to identify the scope and goals of your project but also list and manage project assumptions, responsibilities and known risks. A project charter is used as a baseline through the project's life.

Independent from the size of your project, key stakeholders, core project team and sponsor is recommended to be involved in the building of your project charter. However, publishing the project charter should always be the responsibility of the project sponsor. At last point, it is the project sponsor who gives the project manager authority and officially gives the project a start. In the PMP exam you may come across more than 5 questions directly or indirectly related with develop project charter process.

Who Creates and Who Writes the Project Charter

Creating a project charter can be done for everyone who is involved in the project including key stakeholders. Generally, it is the project manager who creates the final document before the approval and issuing of the project sponsor.

Who Approves and Issues the Project Charter?

In every project, it is the project sponsor to approve and issue the project charter without any exception. It is true in many project manager is actively involved in the creation of the charter however the final approval and signature should belong to the project sponsor.

Develop Project Charter Process is a Part of Which Process Group? 

Creating project charter is an initiating process and it is a part of project integration management.

When is the Project Charter Developed in a Project?

Project charter is created the earliest as possible, its creation should be simultaneous with the official start of the project. Approval and issue of a project charter is the first step of the initiating process group.

What are the Outputs of the Develop Project Charter Process?
  • Project charter
  • Assumption log

What are the Inputs to the Develop Project Charter Process?

Tools & Techniques of Develop Project Charter Process

  • Brainstorming
  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Conflict management
  • Facilitation
  • Meeting management
  • Meetings
  • Expert judgment