Quality Management Knowledge Area in PMBOK

Without a doubt, quality is a phenomenon that shapes and enriches our lives, personalities, and work environments to some extent. It could be the main driver for competition and excellence. The importance of quality becomes more prominent when viewed from the client's side rather than the project team, top management, and sponsor. Because, in our daily lives, quality is a feature we look for in almost every need and every product we are a customer of. What this feature is is defined by what our expectation actually is. It is also subject of a very important knowledge area in pmp exam.

What is Quality Management?

The project quality management knowledge area is all about creating and following policies, procedures to ensure that a project meets the predetermined requirements. Project quality management is a continuous process that starts and ends with the project. As a first step, a quality management plan is developed which includes quality policies, procedures, and how to follow these policies, procedures, and how to control the project. quality is the responsibility of each and everyone in the organization quality comes at a cost.

Benefits of Quality Management

By applying good quality management in our projects, first of all, we ensure the satisfaction of the customer who is the vital actor for the success of the project. This way you implicitly increase the reputation of your organization. This is an indirect effect of efficient quality management. Also, there are direct benefits such as preventing unnecessary rework costs, waste of resources usage, and time.

As a project manager, you should define and determine quality parameters. Efficient monitoring and controlling of the defined quality parameters through the project lifecycle to ensure the desired and planned results are achieved to better understand the quality management. Therefore, we should go through the processes of project quality management knowledge area. 

The second important process of project quality management knowledge area is managing quality. The key features of managing quality are to determine if the project is complying with the organizational as well as project policies and procedures. A major task is conducting regular process audits. Results of the audits are corrective and preventive actions. Manage quality process belongs to executing process group. Then of course quality should be controlled. This is the last process of project quality management knowledge area. 

The key features of quality control are measuring specific project results against standards, it is a major activity is to inspect and verify the project's product defect repair and measuring whether the quality indicators are improving belongs to monitor.

Three processes in the project quality management knowledge area are:

  • Plan Quality Management
  • Manage Quality
  • Control Quality